Google Camera with HDR+

Google camera is a great photography app that comes with Nexus devices and officially It only supports Google devices. Now some developer ported it for other devices.

The technology not only increases dynamic range, like traditional HDR but reduces noise and improve colors as well. It produces great picture than stock camera.

Google camera with HDR+ now available for Redmi Note 4, Now Its supported with snapdragon620 and up. It’s working with both custom Rom and Miui. Tested on Redmi Note4, It may work on other devices also.

Camera2 API needs to be enabled for the app to work.


How To Enable Camera2 API:

1) Root! ( If you don’t know how to do it, just check some youtube video )
2) Open build.prop, make string ‘’ , save, reboot


If you faced any problem try these settings. After applying these settings you have to reboot your device.


For Redmi Note4:


For Other: [android 7+ ]


You can test it with marshmallow:)


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