How to Edit the Footer copyright section and remove WordPress Greeting:

WordPress is one of the most popular open sources software use to create a beautiful website, blogs or app. WordPress has the best Plugin, SEO management, powerful media management and also high security. Zero coding sense required to build a website using WordPress.WordPress started in 2003 as a writing blog.

So, today, I am going to tell you how to edit the footer copyright section and remove WordPress Greetings like ” Proudly powered by WordPress”.


1.At first check, your website’s bottom section. So you want to change it. right? 

2.Next, go to your Dashboard and then open Appearance > Editor.

3. Open Editor and go to Theme Footer, You can find it in the Templates.

4. Open Theme footer, select all[ CTRL+A] and copy it in Notepad as a backup. Just in case if anything goes wrong, you can restore it.

5. Now, You can easily find those HTML codes which imply the footer area and you have to edit the highlighted part … [see the picture]. Remember Some theme developers implies codes in a different way.

6. So, Here is an example:

7. After doing everything, tap on Update file and reload your website.

If you do not see any changes after reload, again reload website2-3 times. 🙂

So, Now you have your own customized footer.

If You have any problem don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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