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Instagram is a simple way to capture and share the world’s moments. Follow your friends and family to see what they’re up to, and discover accounts from all over the world that are sharing things you love. Join the community of over 500 million people and express yourself by sharing all the moments of your day––the highlights and everything in between, too.


The name of the developer of GBInstagram is Atnfas Hoak who developed this best application called as GBWhatsApp. Atnfas Hoak worked with Osama Ghareeb and made GBInstagram possible and you can install dual Instagram on your phone.

Whenever you install any application on your phone which is modded, then there is one thing which is continuously going in your mind, and that is you will get banned. You can install this application on your phone, and you won’t get any issues, and you can enjoy this app without any ban issues and your credentials will be safe.

If you have the Twitter on your phone, then you will see that you don’t like to increase the followers on your Instagram but with the help of GBInstagram, it helps the users to understand who is following you and who is not which is one of the best features and you don’t need to download third party application for that small application.


Problems in Instagram

One of the biggest problem in the Instagram is that you cannot download any images, videos and stories and that is the worst part of Instagram.

When you will install Instagram on your phone and if you want to download any images then, what you need to do is take a screenshot and then crop the image.

Just think that you are having an application which will help you to take the screenshot on the go and you don’t need to crop it or do anything else. This is what GBInstagram will help you and download the images on your phone without any external application installed on your smartphone.

How GBInstagram Works?

This application is same as Instagram but if you love customization and theming then I will suggest you download this application because personally I love to do customization on my phone and this is the reason why it is the best application.

There are some custom codes and smali files which have been added in this application which helps the users to enjoy theming and then apply the theme, and this is what makes the GBInstagram the best application which you can try on your Android phone.

If you will look into mods of Instagram, then you will find that most of the mods need to have a rooted device. You don’t need a rooted device to add something extra to your official Instagram application but you need an application which will help you to do everything in one go. This application allows the users to download the images, videos and everything in one click.

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  • GBInstagram
  • Android version above 4.0x

Download GBInstagram:

                      Link : GbInstagram


Developer: Atnfas Hoak

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